Two Extraordinary Gifts God Has Given Us

Today’s thought: “Two of the most extraordinary gifts God has given you are the ability to dream AND the inability to fulfill that dream without Him. Are you focused on your God

Authentic vs Appropriate Faith

Today’s thought: “Jesus: Authentic or Publicly Appropriate? Authentic faith isn’t held captive to being “appropriate” before others. It’s held captive to being “excellent” on their behalf. Instead of withholding the truth about

The Power of Your Words

Today’s thought: “Unless you are willing to engrave it on a plaque and hang it on your living room wall, don’t speak it over your life (even silently). Practice hitting pause.”

Aiming to be like Jesus?

Today’s thought: “Aiming to be like Jesus or just a better version of His disciples? Sleeping peacefully in the storm or striving like mad to avoid it? Consider today what “imitating” Jesus

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