God is the How – Erasing the Line Between Faith and Common Sense

God is the How - Erasing the Line Between Faith and Common Sense

As a faith writer, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “Kevin, where do you draw the line between faith and common sense?”

god is the how, Erasing the Line Between Faith and Common SenseTo which I typically respond: “Are you looking for God’s line, my line, or your own? In my opinion, unless He draws a line, none of us have the right to create an artificial one. Start by asking Him that question and see where He takes you.”

Usually what they’re really asking is this: “Where does this lofty idea of faith that you write about actually meet the ground? Or, how can I make it practical?

To which I respond: “You can’t, because faith by definition isn’t practical.”

As difficult as it is to accept, it actually begins where our own understanding or “common sense” ends.” So rather than drawing a line, or attempting to lasso and wrestle God to the ground with it, we must learn to let go of the rope, be taken captive by Him, and be humbly nudged beyond our own intellect and comfort.

In other words, Faith forces us to grow beyond our meager view of God to one that recognizes His incredible faithfulness to our potential. While on the contrary, our own understanding scales it all back by cramping Him, and us, into the clever routines of our underlying fears. As far as the eye can see, the only line He’s drawn is the one that divides what gives Him pleasure, and all that does not. Even a mustard seed has to be planted.  

“So let’s be honest: Are you really looking to grow your faith or to continue exhaustively running in place, only hoping for the rewards that are just out of reach?” If it sounds a bit harsh, it’s because I’ve learned that only from this type of honest dialog, will a better perspective emerge, and be followed by a much better question.

“Okay, I hear you. And yes, I really do want to grow. Honestly, I am exhausted from drawing lines and striving to live within them, while also striving to live by faith in the God who doesn’t. Most days, I’m ready to give up because I really don’t know how to make it work. I suppose my real question is…how do I put this into practice?”

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to address this very legitimate question in a series of posts.

Between now and then, consider the above process in your own life, and whether or not you’re honestly satisfied with where you are. These are the rules of engagement that help us unearth the soundbite definitions, twisted declarations, and popular mantras of “Yeah-But” style Christianity.

For now, I leave you with these questions as a gentle reminder that God is good but life is fast – we can’t waste either one by drawing a line between them. 

1. Are your serious about growing your faith?
2. Do you believe there is more to life than the comforts of God’s blessings – family, career, church and entertainment?
3. Are you tired of trying to figure out what “more” looks like?
4. Are you ready to fully live out the desires of your heart as God’s expression?
5. Will you be in the exact same place a year from now?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, and meant it join us now as we help you truly put this into practice.


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