A Mission…with a Business

Too often, we go through life stressed and exhausted, wondering if we’re really living out our purpose, and no matter how many encouraging books we read, we continue to feel stuck.  If your dream is stuck at the “What”, sleepwalking through the “Why” or even flinching over the “How”, we can help. At Youprint, living stuck is not an option, because just as you were created on purpose, we believe that knowing why, and moving forward is the only way to make it count.

Our mission is to help you uncover your mission. We show you where to begin, and then how to move forward by taking the journey with you.

Social Impact & Philanthropic Responsibility

As an entrepreneurial, kingdom minded, and socially responsible organization, we invest in people who are ready to uncover their very own You Print – Those who are eager to satisfy their God given desire, thrive in their gifts, and live the life of impact they were created for.

In early 2017, YouPrint will introduce its young entrepreneur sponsorship program. Its primary objective will be to assist and support active students between the ages of 18 and 25, who are developing their own, social enterprise, with a mission for expanding God’s Kingdom.

For those who would like to take part, we’ll be offering a 3-tiered membership that includes full access to all of our teaching materials, new publications, and services for an extended period, and free access to a student of your choice. Additionally, we are dedicating 20% of our profits from this program to student led social enterprises in a variety of fields.

The sponsorship program is geared for those who believe in what we are doing, and have a desire to tangibly reach and encourage the next generation to live out their God given mission.

If you interested in helping young people with your Youprint membership, drop us a note via email on the Get In Touch Page.