The Fearless Community

We created the Fearless Community to help you grow and activate your faith, while on-the-go, all while truly helping others.

  • Daily devotional access direct to your device each morning
  • Connection with other Fearless Community members
  • Resources support Fearless non-profit initiatives for kingdom impact

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What you get:

  •  Daily encouragement and devotional content delivered directly to your device
  • Connection with other Fearless Community Members
  • Interactive Prayer support

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What you get:

  • 2 bags of Fearless Coffee delivered to your desired address each month
  • A limited edition “Today I Am Fearless” Coffee Mug
  • All benefits of The Fearless Community

What To Expect

About YouPrint

God leaves His fingerprints on the world through yours

We are a Faith Development organization on a mission to bridge the discipleship gap that exists between Sundays.

Uncover Your Why

Why are you still here after you’ve been saved?

We help answer this question uniquely by addressing the deepest yearning of your heart and eliminating the obstacles that have kept your God given dream stuck on the sidelines.

Join the Community

The Portable Faith Community makes it simple.

Our ministry is to meet and mentor our clients where they are in everyday life and help them reach their God-given potential.


Extra Features

Most people seriously value their faith, but many struggle with creating a regular routine to make time for its development. We help remove those obstacles and make it incredibly simple to wake up your faith each day in a high quality way.

As a member of The Fearless Community, you have access to a growing list of customizable features so you can tailor your experience. And, each text you engage through The Fearless Community generates resources for our innovative charitable movement known as The LIFE Center.

Your monthly investment is not only an investment in yourself, it helps provide basic needs for deserving families. This is a customized, intuitive environment for your spiritual and personal development that actively transforms the lives of others in the process.

One Powerful thought – Two minutes of reflection – Five days per week. Each week day you’ll receive a personal 2 minute devotional meditation texted directly to your mobile device to challenge, inspire and invigorate your faith.

One new challenge video (3 minutes) – Arrives end of each week. Each week we publish & deliver to your device our latest challenge & topical video shorts to help you keep growing and going.

Full access to a treasure trove of transformational materials and growing content. Personalization Eligibility – Custom tailor your daily / weekly content for you or your group. Priority access to Life Center Mentoring / Biblical counseling.

Listen to the origin story of our non-profit mission, The Life Center

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We will be delivering remarkable content, personal mentoring, and real community directly into your hands.

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