Looking for Faith & Personal Development in a group or corporate setting?

YouPrint offers the very best engagement services available. Led by Christian author and gifted speaker, Matt Ham, we provide an incredible mix of captivating teaching and profound spiritual encouragement for any size event.

Our core focus is helping our clients to uncover their God given potential and work from a place of heavenly value. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by actively meeting our audience right where it is in everyday life.

We offer a wide range of faith-driven topics from foundational to cutting edge. And, we partner with businesses, faith based groups, and churches by custom-tailoring every message for each specific environment and audience need.

Past topics:

  • Uncover Your Genius | Tapping Into Your Unique Human Potential
  • From Good to Great to Excellent | How to Invite Excellence Into Your Life & Business
  • Being Revolutionary | Transforming Culture Through You
  • The Narrow Path of Leadership | 5 Leadership Qualities You May Be Overlooking

Matt’s TEDx Talk “Inner Genius”

Corporate Talks

Youth Leadership Events

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