Portable Single Moms Community

Portable Single Moms Community

The Portable Single Moms Community is a way for single moms to connect in authentic community while investing in their own spiritual formation.

The Portable Single Moms Community is an extension of the Life Center, whose mission is to provide an innovative way for you to carry out your unique purpose while living out your kingdom mission here on earth. In addition to the resources within the community, all members will also receive full access to the resources of The Portable Faith Community.

The Portable Single Moms Community is led by Rachel Mayo. Rachel lives in Nashville, TN with her two-year-old son, Noah.

The Portable Single Moms Community is open to any single mom no matter your age, your kids’ age or your location. Members will receive full access to digital resources including online courses, one-to-one interaction and regular community gatherings. Local in-person gatherings will take place as well.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Rachel Mayo at rachel@youprint.life or email the YouPrint Team at info@youprint.life.

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