The Spiritual Cleanse

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The Spiritual Cleanse is a unique devotional series that walks you through the organic process of learning to navigate your entire life by faith, one day at a time. It is designed to help you become spiritually healthy by teaching you how to become spiritually instinctive in every area of your life.

The cleanse series will help you remove and replace the underlying obstacles of faith, such as toxic thought patterns, and “yeah-but” rationalizations, while also challenging you to reframe your entire life – from responsibilities to relationships – as an act of affectionate worship for God that gradually uncovers His purpose filled journey for you.

  • You will learn to encounter God with uncommon intimacy
  • Hone your ability to discern His voice
  • Grasp a fresh revelation of who He is to you, and you are to Him
  • Become spiritually instinctive

If you really want to develop your faith by challenging it on a daily basis, this cleanse is meant for you.

When you sign up, you will get full access to this course.

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