Wake Up My Faith

$10.00 / month
(Tax Deductible)

  • One Powerful thought – Two minutes of reflection – Five days per week
    Each week day you’ll receive a personal 2 minute devotional meditation texted directly to your mobile device to challenge, inspire and invigorate your faith.
  • One new challenge video (3 minutes) – Arrives end of each week
    Each week we publish & deliver to your device our latest challenge & topical video shorts to help you keep growing and going.
  • Full access to a treasure trove of transformational materials and growing content
  • Personalization Eligibility – Custom tailor your daily / weekly content for you or your group
  • Priority access to Life Center Mentoring / Biblical counseling
  • Discounted Rates for Executive Coaching program
  • 100% of proceeds support our Life Center charitable organization

View your free lesson below. This is just one of the lessons you will
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