The Portable Faith Community
makes it simple.

$10.00 / month
(Tax Deductible)

Most people seriously value their faith, but many struggle with creating a regular routine to make time for its development. We help remove those obstacles and make it incredibly simple to wake up your faith each day in a high quality way.
By delivering remarkable content, personal mentoring, and real community directly into your hands, the Portable Faith Community frees you up to grow and activate your faith, while on-the-go, all while truly helping others.

  • Delivers Powerful, Exclusive and Customizable Content directly to your device
  • Offers World Class Personal Mentoring, Executive Coaching and Biblical Counseling
  • Allows¬† you to invest in yourself while tangibly investing the lives of others
  • Membership fee is tax deductible (can be considered part of your monthly giving)
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