Community / Getting Started


community getting started pageAs a community, we understand that you are priceless to God, and carry a very distinct purpose – to meet the needs of others, impact your own community, or even shape an entire culture for His glory. We see this as God’s unique way of leaving His fingerprints on the world through yours – or what we call your “You Print”. And it all comes equipped with an exclusive design, a road map for success, and a time of appointment.

But we also understand that your ability to reach this potential requires patience, encouragement, and personal support along the way. Therefore, in addition to powerful teaching materials, we provide you with access to a community of like-minded believers who share the same desire for living the life of impact God created us all for.

Additionally, we provide monthly interactive sessions with our online hosts for Q& A, encouragement, and deeper teaching, along with personal one to one mentoring if desired.

Our objective is to help you get started through our teaching resources, and then help you stay the course, and finish well, by taking the journey with you. By making our team and community available, you will get that extra inspiration, and encouragement needed while taking this wonderful journey of faith at your own, comfortable pace.

We believe that having a true sense of community among fellow believers is what sets Youprint apart and truly makes our organization a mission…with a business. And that mission is to help you uncover your mission and get on with the business of living it out.

Join us today for the price of a couple cups of good coffee.

Purchase a print edition copy our new book, Learning To Feel The Word, and receive its companion teaching videos, and full access to our community and resources.