Faith Development Workshops

At You Print we believe that fully developed people are the greatest asset of any organization. We also believe there is a common obstacle that prevents this development—leaders are drowning in information while starving for wisdom. As a result, many businesses, churches and faith based organizations are more focused on building their productivity and platform, than actually building their people.

If your organization is looking to develop a culture of satisfaction, well-being, and unified purpose among its members, You Print is the breath of fresh air that will help you jumpstart, and execute that process.

Our Faith & Personal Development workshops are geared to help the members of your organization uncover their God-given potential and work within a streamlined corporate vision from a place of individual value.

Led by successful business leaders, and Christian authors, Matt Ham and Kevin Adams, our workshops are custom tailored to your specific needs, and deliver a great mix of spiritual depth, and real-life application through an interactive, discussion-style format.

We work with some of fastest growing, most dynamic organizations in both corporate, and faith based settings. And offer a wide range of faith-driven, personal development, and cutting edge business leadership topics.

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