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Your life was created on purpose. Isn’t that something worth considering?

Probably the greatest two questions in human history are “How did we get here?” and “Why are we here?” If we believe the first question is answered in Genesis, then we’re left with a lifetime to explore the second one—“Why” Which translates to each individual as “Why am I here?”

And to every believer as “Why am I still here once I’ve been saved?” 

There are a host of common answers to this question that ring with biblical truth about our Christian duties, but fail to address our deepest yearning as children of God.

The point is that we must learn to share the good news with others by becoming the good news in their lives—a task which may be momentarily served by willpower, but is best served and sustained by the heart and it’s storehouse of gifts, talents, and desires.

Ultimately, this is what expresses God’s love continually, and with the impact to actually leave His fingerprints and glory on the world.

When it comes to Uncovering Your Why, YourPrint will help you get started, stay the course, and finish well through our growing list of member resources

• Book and video series
• 6 New Releases Annually [New book & companion videos every other month]
• Weekly topical videos
• Community Engagement via Live interactive Sessions
• Full access to archives, additional video topics, and teaching tools
• One to One Personal Mentoring
• Group Training Sessions
• Speaking, Seminars, and Events
• Philanthropic Sponsorship of Student Led Social Entrepreneurship

Remember, if you’ve had access to a Bible for years and still lack clarity on the unique purpose, and heavenly blueprint for your life, it’s a safe bet that a fresh perspective is needed. At YouPrint, our mission is to help you fully uncover your mission, and actually begin to live it out. If you’ve struggled with this or haven’t felt completely satisfied with your journey, we can definitely help.

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