Personal Growth Plans

What if…

You could live with absolute confidence, lasting peace, and affirming satisfaction?
You could elevate your spiritual instincts, and truly thrive in your gifts?
You could learn exactly how to leave God’s fingerprints on the world through your own?

What would that be worth to you?
What is that worth to God and those your life is meant to impact for Him?
Can you put a dollar value on it?

The You Print Model is mentoring at its best

—the kind you won’t find from a church pew, corporate program, university, or even the highest paid leadership coaching in the world.


Our benchmark is built on biblical and modern day examples of faith lived out and our proof of concept is derived from tangible, real-life results. Most of all, because we actually care about you and your success, and will take time to show it.

Through a combination of gifted discernment, seasoned wisdom and decades of faith-tested experience, all applied to your journey, we’re able to train you to learn, live and labor from who you are, instead of simply striving for what you want. This is a kingdom minded “more to life” approach to whole life discipleship that will achieve complete satisfaction in and beyond your life.

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