Making an Impact / Executing Your Mission


making an impact

Too often, we go through life stressed and exhausted, wondering if we’re really living out our purpose, and no matter how many encouraging books we read, we continue to feel stuck.

If your dream is stuck at the “What”, sleepwalking through the “Why”, or even flinching over the “How”, we can help. At YouPrint, living stuck is not an option, because just as you were created on purpose, we believe that knowing why, and moving forward is the only way to make it count.

Our mission is to help you uncover and fully execute your mission.

The first step is to show you where to begin

Refreshing Approach to Becoming God’s Expression

Starting with our Blueprints For Life book and video series, you will be introduced to an entirely new way of thinking about your relationship with God—one that is filled with a sense of purpose, adventure, and joy about who you are, and one that through practical steps, will help you overcome the typical day to day obstacles that most Christians face.

Unlike self-help, you will find both peace and refreshment in our approach as it’s not about adding to your current “to do list”, or working harder, but about learning to rest in what God is already up to—learning to hear and follow what He is saying, and watching as He confirms your steps of faith.

Credibility & Convenience

Our teaching is based on decades of real-life experience on how to deepen your faith, unlock your gifts, and begin living out your mission, all by starting with a fresh approach to the Word, and moving forward with tangible results.

Our materials are broken down into bite-sized pieces for your convenience, yet jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom, thought-provoking ideas, and practical steps that most believers have never fully considered.

The next step is to help you move forward by taking the journey with you

Support & Community

As a community, we understand that you are priceless to God, and carry a very distinct purpose—to meet the needs of others, impact your own community, or even shape an entire culture for His glory. We see this as God’s unique way of leaving His fingerprints on the world through yours—or what we call your “You Print”. And it all comes equipped with an exclusive design, a road map for success, and a time of appointment.

But we also understand that your ability to reach this potential requires patience, encouragement, and personal support along the way. Therefore, in addition to powerful teaching materials, we provide you with access to a community of like-minded believers who also want more out of life and this thing we call Christianity.

Additionally, we provide monthly interactive sessions with our online hosts for Q& A, encouragement, and deeper teaching, along with personal one-to-one mentoring if desired.