About Our Mentoring

Over the last two decades You Print Cofounder, Kevin Adams, has reached the pinnacle of success in business, writing and faith-based teaching.

With an online following of over 150,000, his faith journey, transparency and gift for teaching, has helped thousands of men and women uncover and reach their God given potential on every front—from family and personal relationships to personal identity and individual purpose.

As an author for Zondervan, Kevin is one of the very best writers on living out your faith in everyday life. As cofounder of You Print, he is uniquely qualified to lead our mentoring program with the discernment, dedication and personal attention required to help you grow beyond your expectations.

With a true gift for seeing your potential, Kevin walks with you like few others and goes the extra mile to actually help you live it out. His life experience and biblical understanding has garnered him the wisdom to help where many pastors can’t, and where most life coaches simply won’t tread.

If you are tired of empty promises, and would like to spend time with one of today’s best faith and personal development mentors, You Print mentoring is just right for you.

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